Private Equity

In partnership with local and International associates, Greenfield Advisors Limited is seeking to establish a sub-regional $200 million Private Equity Fund. The Greenfield West African Private Fund (WAPE) is a multi-theme regional PE Fund designed to provide investors lucrative exposures to the broad upside potential of what has recently been described as the 'epicentre future global revenue growth'.

The Fund will target lucrative private equity investments in the West African economic region, taking significant stakes in service entities, manufacturing and basic industries.
The West African region has consistently experienced high rates of economic growth relative to global averages in the recent past occassioned by sustained economic reforms, political stability and high commodity prices.
Given the relative infancy of the local VC/PE industry and the opportunities presented by the relative paucity of risk/capital, our Fund will seek to broadly focus on opportunities across venture, debt/quasi-equity, buy-out, infrastructure and real estate themes while nonetheless adhering to a pre-defined policy asset mix. The fund will operate an independent management team.
Our principals have access to some of the best investment prospects in the domestic economy having been exposed to business dynamics within the local and global market on account of participation in landmark transactions; and we also possess a strong network of local and international partners and associates following successful participation in high value deals, expert committees and global industry events.