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Greenfield Advisors Limited (GAL) seeks to be the funding conduit of choice between the globe's key financial capitals and the high-growth economic region of West Africa


The firm is currently focused on exploiting niches within the realms of Transaction Advisory, Venture Capital and Private Equity and has commenced the implementation of an incremental portfolio growth strategy starting with investments in Real Estate, Renewable Energy and Food Distribution.

The synergy of investment capital and financial acumen holds inherent and indeed immense transformational power, and Greenfield is uniquely equipped to lucratively participate in Africa's growth story.

We seek to play an involved and instrumental role in the development of a 'conveyor belt' or 'production line' of the next generation of sector champions or firms with potential for market leadership and significant export revenue in high-growth sectors in Nigeria.


Greenfiled Advisors Limited is always keen to identify and collaborate with promising start-ups and established businesses requiring growth capital, mentoring and technical support. This is because we have observed the dearth of new listings on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and we fully appreciate the crucial importance of small and medium-sized businesses in the deepening of the domestic economy in the long-term.

Our principals have access to some of the best investment prospects in the domestic economy having been exposed to transaction dynamics with the local and global market on account of participation in landmark transactions; and we also possess a strong network of local and international partners and associates following successful participation in high value deals, expert committees and global industry events.



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